Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Packet and Path

Monday's HSMSHS prompt was "packet". Here's mine:

...along with a story about why it's late. This packet was put in the mail LAST Monday. Can you read the print? It's only supposed to take 2 days to arrive. So the sender and I were waiting anxiously. And waiting, and waiting. And maybe worrying a little (ok, a lot). So Monday morning, when I saw the packet prompt, I thought it must be a sign and waited and watched all day for the little flag to go up on my mailbox. It never went up. Tuesday, between running a billion errands, I took a peek in the mailbox...and it was there! Phew! That was one packet I was happy to see! And since it was too early for Tuesday delivery, it must have been put in on Monday and the flag not put up. Crazy postal adventures! But it's here, and my sender may even get her money back due to the lateness.

And then there was Tuesday's prompt of path. This one is used by snowmobilers and ATV enthusiasts mostly, and actually borders our property in the back. It's a bit rutted for walking and we rarely go on it. I passed it several times yesterday without remembering to stop and take a photo. Finally on the way home from picking up Hubby I yelled at him to STOP! And then jumped out to snap this quick pic:

My Hubby is such a good sport!

P.S. I've not looked yet to see what today's post is. I'm pretending it's still Tuesday. Now that I've posted though, I might just wander over and see what's happening! :)

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  1. Great shots! Can't trust the mail!
    Funny that when you have mail the flag goes up. When we have mail that needs to be picked up we put our flag up. Otherwise no flag. mail comes everyday!