Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back in the saddle again....

What happened last week? Nothing and everything. I had a CRAZY busy week. Flying solo at Guides (the Chief Guider was in Bermuda with her sisters, lucky thing!), my middle girl had her birthday and requested QUITE the cake, I attended a crop, hosted a couple of online things, got bit by the spring cleaning bug....well, you get the idea. Today, in fact, I'm faced with just under 1000 posts in Google Reader. I haven't even really been away from the computer THAT much, but haven't had time for a lot of games and reading, and this is what happens. YIKES!

(Plus, honestly, last week's prompts? HARD! Monday and Tuesday I had no idea what to photograph, and by the time I had a good one on Wednesday I'd let myself get out of the habit.)

But it's a new week and I'm back on the HSMSHS horse...or is that a bandwagon? Either way, I've missed my photo friends and can't wait to go see what they've all been up to! Here are my shots for yesterday (temperature) and today (tufts):

Wait, 99.5? That explains why I've been feeling icky the past few days! My normal is 97.7. Running a bit high, I'd say.

Aren't they sad? Poor little tufts of sage. The snow finally melted enough on the weekend that I can see them...and now they're being buried again with the fresh snow today. Where is spring?

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Sunday, March 22, 2009


I went out and took my Friday shot but forgot to blog it. ACTUALLY--I thought I HAD blogged it, and it was only after I posted that photo from yesterday that I looked and realized I hadn't.

Probably a good thing then that I took a photo of my street so I can find it again ;)

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Ahhhhh. So good to see colour again after such a long winter. Now for the snow to melt...
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sunny Afternoon

Just as the weatherman promised! Yay!

So here are some sprouts. I looked EVERYWHERE with hope of seeing some outdoors yesterday with no luck. I'm not alone in having my garden still buried in about 2 feet of snow. Nothing is sprouting out there. But you can get sprouts at the grocery store! Yummy sprouts!

And with the sun out, it's easy to convince the kids to help with shadows...I wanted a heart but THEY wanted a bunny. So a bunny it is!

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I was away yesterday, having a photo shoot and running errands, so didn't get to blog. I just can't stand to look at that gross decay photo any longer though, so let's all look at something much better.

Isn't he adorable? His name is Boomer and he's not only incredibly photogenic (photo SOOC), he's also very (VERY) well-mannered and loving. Ok, and a little bit sneaky. Guess who polished off all the prop croissants yesterday? Oh yeah. (I would have too Boomer, they smelled yum-o!) He was hanging out with his girls yesterday and ended up being the star of our photoshoot.

And so much nicer to look at than rotting potatoes! ;)

(Kidding! Anything's better to look at than rotting potatoes! He's a truly handsome boy though and we had so much fun with him. I'm enjoying seeing him as I do my edits.)

Sprout and shadow later today when the sun comes out. It's cold and rainy now but the weatherman promised sun this afternoon and I'm holding him to it!
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Found a bag of potatoes hidden under the sink and behind a bunch of other stuff. Have no idea when they went into hiding but they're now out in the snow, the first contribution to this year's compost pile.


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Monday, March 16, 2009


Our Boy adores his teddy bear...and we adore him.

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(Photo taken in the fall, but the adoration only grows)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

But what is it?

I just spent the majority of my day editing photos from a Carnival night my girls attended a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn't usually edit so many of the photos but I was the only one who remembered her camera, so several of the moms and leaders have already requested copies. Can't give them out looking tooooooo bad!

Anyway, one of the things they had was face painting. The older girls did the painting for the younger girls and while some where identifiable , some were ???? Just for pretty I guess!

So for SPS today, here's our Brown Owl looking happy with her design...but I kept telling her there was a spider on her nose!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Groovy Baby!

Meet Daria:

Daria is a Groovy Girl. Daria is sweet and out-going and she likes spots. Polka Dots, to be precise. In fact, everything about her is totally spotted. Her shoes, her tights, her dress, her hairdo...her DOG. Yes, even her dog is spotted...er POLKA-DOTTED! In fact, this special dog is so wonderfully spotted that she is named Dottilicious. You just can't get any groovier than that!

Mmmm, Milk!

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(Thursdays HSMSHS prompt--though my Boy wanted to recreate Andrew's photo--our cat looks remarkably like his)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shabby Chic

Not a lot of shabby chic in my household (lots of shabby, not much chic!) but it is a style I love in my scrapbooking. Here's one of my favourite older pages in the style...

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Travel: To go, to move, or journey from one place to another, by foot or private or public transport.

A slightly unusual interpretation today. On Sunday we woke up to snow. Beautiful, fluffy flakes floating to the ground, coating everything in a blanket of white. A beautiful Christmas snow.

Too bad it's March.

Knowing from experience that it would all be blown off the trees by afternoon, I took pictures from the passenger seat as we travelled in to church. This is what our Sunday travel looked like (and hopefully won't too many more times this season).

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Just a little proof of life...

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Saturday, March 7, 2009


...my three kidlets!

When I started this blog, I just jumped right in playing along with HSMSHS and discussing my photography highs and lows. I didn't really introduce myself or my family. But the kidlets are my main source of inspiration and often my main subjects, so I thought I'd throw out some brief introductions.

(If you read my family blog you not only already know us, you saw these photos as soon as I took them this week, so feel free to click one of the links in my sidebar if you get bored.)

Oldest daughter is 7 and is known as our Princess. She IS a Princess, preferring all things girly. She would rather wear a dress every day than anything else, she loves flowers and pink and dolls and, well, princesses. She's tiny, freckle-faced and delicate, with a streak of independance wider than she is.

Next we have Sweetpea. She's 5 (almost 6) and loves life. She's always moving, unless she's stopping for a quick cuddle, and does everything whole-heartedly. She's tall, athletic and even-tempered, with an infectious giggle and a clever sense of humour. She likes to run up to complete strangers to give them a hug or climb in their lap and ask them about themselves.

Finally we have my Boy. He's my 4 year old sidekick, my mini-man and chatterbox. He came out of the womb jabbering, had a vocabulary that included "crocodile" at 9 months, and rarely stops for air. He's fun and funny, and HIS sidekick is Blue Teddy--who started talking around the same time he did but uses his very own distinct speaking voice. I have a feeling that I'll never adjust to the silence when he starts school in the fall.

So now you know us! There's also a cat, Sasha, who tends to wander off as soon as she spots the camera, and Hubby who will do anything to avoid having his photo taken.

Oh, and me of course. But I'm growing my hair out from super-duper short to a bob and it's at that terrible in-between stage, so I'm not doing self-portraits for a while.

Have a happy weekend!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Downtrodden might be more accurate

We took the day yesterday, stepped away from the computers, dragged the semi-sick kids out of the house and went for some fun. We went to the sportplex in the city and bought wristbands for the big play area and tokens for the arcade games. Two of my three have been sick this week, but they're definitely on the mend. They just have a lingering cough and they're bored and tired of being cooped up (us too) so it seemed the perfect solution.

Well, my girls had fun, but maybe the Boy isn't on the mend as much as we thought. He whined most of the day. Everything was "too hard". The climbing appartus was too tall (not really, he's played on it just fine before). There were too many kids. The games were too hard. He was just having a bad day. I remembered that the HSMSHS prompt was beaten, so I took this photo of him by one of the games, feeling as beaten as a 4 year old gets.

The good news is that I took him in the car with me for a drive and let him have a big nap. When he woke up, he was sunny and happy again. Phew! At least little boys don't stay beaten for long!

Today's prompt is "silhouette", so it's into the archives I dive or I'll be posting this late again.

And a bonus, because silhouettes are fun!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Been finding it tricky to come up with photos to match the HSMSHS prompts this week. So today when the prompt was "contemplate" I threw my hands up in the air and gave a cry of frustration. My mojo has left the building.

Thankfully, my Princess heard me and asked what was wrong. I told her I needed "a picture of someone thinking about something" and she immediately went, "Oh, like this!"

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Yes, sweet girl, EXACTLY like that! I'm so glad she's home on break to get me thinking again!