Monday, May 11, 2009


Happily for my guilty conscience, the HSMSHS bloggers can carry on just fine without me. Life seems to have slowed back down enough for me to catch my breath though, so I'm back to play again!

Love this photo for "carry"! It was taken at our church fundraiser. We left the poses mostly up to the people we were photographing, unless they got really stuck. He had picked her up (so romantic!) and we were brainstorming another pose, when it was decided that SHE would carry HIM! Funny! I love how they both totally hammed it up too.

Carry on y'all! I'll try to behave myself and post again tomorrow!


  1. Great shot!

    Lovely to see you So glad you are fine. I've been wondering how you are... Nice that you could play today. Take care. Gez.xx

  2. Great shot. They really look like they're having a ball :)