Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back in the saddle again....

What happened last week? Nothing and everything. I had a CRAZY busy week. Flying solo at Guides (the Chief Guider was in Bermuda with her sisters, lucky thing!), my middle girl had her birthday and requested QUITE the cake, I attended a crop, hosted a couple of online things, got bit by the spring cleaning bug....well, you get the idea. Today, in fact, I'm faced with just under 1000 posts in Google Reader. I haven't even really been away from the computer THAT much, but haven't had time for a lot of games and reading, and this is what happens. YIKES!

(Plus, honestly, last week's prompts? HARD! Monday and Tuesday I had no idea what to photograph, and by the time I had a good one on Wednesday I'd let myself get out of the habit.)

But it's a new week and I'm back on the HSMSHS horse...or is that a bandwagon? Either way, I've missed my photo friends and can't wait to go see what they've all been up to! Here are my shots for yesterday (temperature) and today (tufts):

Wait, 99.5? That explains why I've been feeling icky the past few days! My normal is 97.7. Running a bit high, I'd say.

Aren't they sad? Poor little tufts of sage. The snow finally melted enough on the weekend that I can see them...and now they're being buried again with the fresh snow today. Where is spring?

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  1. Spring seems far, far away but I love your pictures!

  2. Spring is coming SLOWLY. ;)

    Love your pics.

    My 'temperature' pic was taken on the space heater in my bedroom. We haven't yet seen 59° outside. :D

  3. My you've been busy. Take care with that temp. hun. Great shots. Thanks for stopping by my bloggie. xx :-)

  4. Nice to see you posting again, great catch ups, hope your temperature isn't making you feel too bad

  5. Temperature: Great shot. This was a hard one for me.
    Tuft: Great shot for this one. Like the snow.