Thursday, March 19, 2009


I was away yesterday, having a photo shoot and running errands, so didn't get to blog. I just can't stand to look at that gross decay photo any longer though, so let's all look at something much better.

Isn't he adorable? His name is Boomer and he's not only incredibly photogenic (photo SOOC), he's also very (VERY) well-mannered and loving. Ok, and a little bit sneaky. Guess who polished off all the prop croissants yesterday? Oh yeah. (I would have too Boomer, they smelled yum-o!) He was hanging out with his girls yesterday and ended up being the star of our photoshoot.

And so much nicer to look at than rotting potatoes! ;)

(Kidding! Anything's better to look at than rotting potatoes! He's a truly handsome boy though and we had so much fun with him. I'm enjoying seeing him as I do my edits.)

Sprout and shadow later today when the sun comes out. It's cold and rainy now but the weatherman promised sun this afternoon and I'm holding him to it!
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  1. Yes Boomer is much easier on the eyes than those rotting potatoes. And the little guy posted before the rotting potatoes is even easier. ;)