Saturday, March 14, 2009

But what is it?

I just spent the majority of my day editing photos from a Carnival night my girls attended a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn't usually edit so many of the photos but I was the only one who remembered her camera, so several of the moms and leaders have already requested copies. Can't give them out looking tooooooo bad!

Anyway, one of the things they had was face painting. The older girls did the painting for the younger girls and while some where identifiable , some were ???? Just for pretty I guess!

So for SPS today, here's our Brown Owl looking happy with her design...but I kept telling her there was a spider on her nose!

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  1. Great photo!
    Nice painting and it matches the hairbands but it really looks a bit like a spider on her nose

  2. Yep! definitely a spider & upside down butterfly!

  3. What a sweet shot. They must've had fun.

  4. yep, I thought 'spider' too!