Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Daily Grind

Today's prompt at HSMSHS is "daily".

I have to admit that it took me a while to think of what I'd use for daily. Alarm? Nope, I turn it off now and then. Breakfast? I like to mix it up. E-mail? Please not another screen shot.

Then, while I was thinking, I found myself in the bathroom. Ahhhhhh. Daily. Daily toothbrushing, daily grooming, daily laundry, daily, daily, daily. I now have a fun and eclectic series of photos taken in my bathroom this morning. And that's part of why I love HSMSHS. Things I would never think to photograph have now been captured in fun ways. And who knows? Maybe I'll have to scrapbook them!

Anyway, here's what I chose for daily:

Ahhhh, the shower. Sometimes I stumble in as soon as I roll out of bed. It wakes me and readies me for the day. Some days I yearn for it and never seem to get there, until at last it's bedtime and I can stand under the spray, already half asleep and letting the water work out the kinks before bed. (Of course, now that my hair is short, if I do the second than I really must at least soak my head the next morning. Bed head is a new daily occurance too.) I've never been a bath girl, but there's something almost religious about the shower. So good.

As a bonus, here are the other prompts from this week. I was going to post them last evening but should know better by now---I never get anything done in the evenings.


  1. Great shower shot & love the catchups too!

  2. Very creative idea for daily. I was thinking of the toothbrush, too.

  3. Great shower shot! Great catch up too

  4. Great idea, I had to have a good think about today's too.

  5. Fabulous pictures as always. I think I'm actually gonna participate in this one . . . via my blog. Hmmmmmmm, aren't you intrigued???

  6. Love the shower head shot and your catch ups