Tuesday, February 10, 2009


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I picked this little guy up at a craft show shortly after I was married--one of my very first fridge magnets. He was just so happy and cheerful. You could say he drew me in.

And then I started having babies. And what did those babies want? That's right, my gingerbread fridge magnet! I used to put him low on the fridge door and my oldest would spend hours playing with him and the letter magnets I also had by that time. Then along came the next one, and she decided he was good enough to eat. You can see some scrapings left by baby teeth if you look closely. So I had to move him up out of reach...which didn't stop either of them. They quickly learned to push a chair over to the fridge to get their ginger magnet back. Clever kids. I'd chase them away and move him around, thinking if he as on a side they'd forget about him. But they always found him. It became a little game, seeing if they could get him away without me noticing. He regularly went missing, only to be found in a toy bin or under a table.

Now he holds school papers on our big family white board. Still happy to be a part of things. He doesn't go missing anymore, just smiles his happy smile on us.


  1. Wow, very cute magnet and holds good memories!

  2. What a smashing story. As soon as you mentioned letter magnets I was transported back to when my two were small :-)

    Great take on today's prompt and super shot too.

    Sue :-)

  3. That little guy is the perfect kid. He'll never grow up and leave and he'll stick around to play with the grandkids.

  4. Awe, this guy is definately one of the family!
    Thanks for sharing your happy memories.
    Changing the subject!.........I've some info on the 'butter pie' I couldn't believe no one had heard of them!! If you have a mo take a look Here

  5. Very adorable magnet and lovely story!!

  6. Cute! I can just imagine how they'd thoroughly enjoy that game. Yes we had those letters too - good fun!