Thursday, February 5, 2009

Endangered Species

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One of exactly 3 in our household. The other two belong with robes. I dug this poor thing out of the back of the closet and hung it over the door for the photo, then stuffed it back in.

Apparently belts don't rate as important fashion accessories around here.


  1. Well done on a difficult prompt today. I found I had more belts than I thought - some don't fit around my waist any more-lol must have been in my wardrobe for years &years!

  2. We have tons and tons of belts here. I have a 16 year old son and having his pant hanging off his body is not an option. My hubby is also a big belt freak which in turn makes our 5 year old son. My daughter has a belt on each day as her outfit is not complete without a belt. The joys of the 10 year old mind.
    Great shot!

  3. Lots of belts here too :)Love how you hung it over the door to photograph it, great idea

  4. I never feel fully dressed without my belt!