Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Around the house

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Today's HSMSHS prompt: sphere. In a house with kids and cats and rock hounds, spheres come in every size and material imaginable. This little crystal ball (onyx actually) sits on my scrapdesk to help inspire me.

And how could I not use that font? (CK 8 Ball for anyone who's wondering)

Update on yesterday's kijiji find: The speedlight works just fine with my camera, but the lenses are the old blade mounts. I'll be looking around the internets to see if there's any sort of adaptation to make them work, and otherwise I guess I'll buy some film and play around old skool.

I've got to get some food before I run the Princess to piano. It's one of those crazy days where I have the car and lose my mind.

Keep clicking!


  1. good shot & love that font - very clever!

  2. Beautiful sphere and very creatively shot!

  3. A beautiful sphere, great shot, and love the font

  4. Very pretty sphere. Love the font you chose too!

    To answer your question about mine, no I cannot solve it. Haven't even tried in a long time but don't ever remember being able to.