Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sometimes it's hard to come up with a clever title

Just playing a little HSMSHS catch up.

Yesterday's prompt was "Instruct" and I thought of a good one--Monday's are Princess' piano lessons, so I'd go with her and get a sweet shot of her with her teacher at the piano.

Then scccccccccccrittch! (it's that needle scratching sound)

The piano teacher called late afternoon to reschedule, as she'd just come from the dentist and was feeling poorly. There'd be no piano instruction.

Fortunately for me, I was quick enough to grab a shot of something that has been happening more and more around here:

Yes, those are all three of my children, gathered around Hubby in the office as he instructs them on the fine art of playing RPG's.

They love every second.

Do they come see me when I'm spending hours on Photography websites? Well, yes, but they ask who that is, and when I don't know leave. But give them some "dire wolves" and a few elves and they'll stand around for hours, giving advice and asking questions. As someone who's never figured out the appeal of those games, it baffles me. But it delights me that they enjoy doing this with Hubby and that he can share something he enjoys with them. Plus it's got to be fun to have your own cheering section every time you get in a battle, right?

Now for today's prompt:

That may not look much like fruit to you, but that's the preferred form of fruit in this house. We buy plenty of fruit in both it's natural and frozen forms, but the absolute favourite for the kidlets are these fruit cups. Sweetpea's favourite is the peach, and the Boy loves the "country berry", but they'll both eat all the flavours, and we go through a lot of these each week. (Princess hates fruit in any form. She's a challenge!) We're careful to only get the unsweetened ones, and pick them up in bulk when they're on sale, or the President's Choice version in a pinch (half the price but half the flavour options too). So in my space, this is what fruit looks like.

And the Boy was doing quite the little dance of anticipation while I did my imprompu photo shoot this morning. As soon as I got my photo, he got his fruit.


  1. Love your instruct catch up and a great shot for today's fruit :)

  2. I love em' both as always! But the kiddos and daddy is my favorite. That will be a photo they treasure for years to come!

  3. great shots , if the kids eat it doesn't matter how fruit comes :)