Friday, January 16, 2009

Not so square....

HSMSHS is up a little late today.

Why? Because my Hubby, who most people assume is totally square, decided to be fun and spontaneous today. He got up and got ready for work, went out to start the car...and it wouldn't start. Something about batteries losing power in -32C temperatures (yes, that's before the windchill). So he had to come back in the house and work from home. He worked steady through the day, and then came out of the office at around 2:30 to say he was going to try the car again. It started, so he was off to town to see about getting a booster for the next cold day. Then he suddenly stopped and said "let's do something fun".


Unexpected, and all the more exciting because of it. The kids wanted to go bowling, and off we went! So here is my square for today--with our abysmal scores. I should be ashamed, but I had too much fun!


  1. Haha you have fun squares!

    Hope you're well and have a fab weekend with the family. And how cold!!!!!! xox

  2. How great! love the shot & the fact that you had a fun time

  3. Way fun. At -32 I'm not sure I would have left the house. We've only had minus temps in the teens..and I say only with a definite shiver. Who cares what you scored you had some quality family time. Coolness!