Monday, January 12, 2009

Wheels on the bus...

Go round and round, round and round, round and round....

Last week the wheels fell off my bus for a few days. I watched the HSMSHS bus pull away from the station without me. Actually, I watched all the buses coming and going without me, and sat and had a little pity party about it. It's winter, and despite my attempts to avoid it, depression has found me again. It's cyclical, and though I dodge and weave, it always seems to find me. Traditionally, January isn't a good month for me. Actually, I can usually fight my way through January and then February delivers the knock-out punch. I struggle back to my feet in March and we're back to normal by April. Heck, I'm downright giddy by May. Summers are awesome. Fall is fabulous. I just have to endure through January and February.

The secret to coping is twofold:

First, lower your standards. If just getting out of bed makes you feel brittle and exposed, then get out of bed. When you can. No rush. You're up! Congrats! Anything else you manage today is bonus. No guilt allowed. Guilt only feeds the depression, so it is banished.

Second, try again. So yesterday was bad. Here's another sunrise, another chance to do something right. Not everything, just one thing (see rule one above).

So with Spring only 67 days away and the sweet knowledge that I'll be kicking depression in the face before that, I'm back to playing along with today's sweet prompt: technology.

How I love technology! I love my appliances, I love my OTT-Lite, I love my digital camera and my printer...and mostly I love our computer and high-speed connection. Incidently, we only got high-speed last year, and the cut off is just past our house. We still have friends on our road with good old dial up. I never take my connection for granted. Thanks to our computer and our connection, I have sisters in scrapping, photography and motherhood. I can keep in touch with old friends and family and make new friends all over the world.

So here's our sweet technology. Purchased in 2006 when our old 'puter died, I remember thinking that no one could ever use that much memory. I was wrong, because we've already filled it up, along with an external hard drive. Now we need another. One thing about technology, it's always changing, isn't it?

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  1. i'm sorry you feel so horrible this time of year, the sun will shine again, you will get hroug hthe tunnel,
    well done on your picture and getting it up today,

  2. Great shot. Hope the sun comes out soon for you :)

  3. Good shot, I know that feeling. Today it has been so dark here all day makes you want to hibernate for the duration ....but tomorrow the sun may come out!

  4. Great shot for the prompt, hope we get another one tomorrow :) Feel better soon

  5. Can so relate to the depression!! Hugs to you!!

    Great shot.

  6. This has been a terribly dreary winter. Thank goodness for this technology. Great shot.

  7. It's good to know I'm not alone in my January mood (it hasn't helped that DH has left me alone to fend for myself). Hang in there it will be ground hog day soon and you can help me heat up the grill for Phil if he predicts another 6 weeks of winter.

  8. You need to move back to SoCal with me when I go! We could be neighbors. Just going home back to that beautiful golden sun for 2 weeks (okay really 1, it rained the whole first week) was all I needed to pull myself out of the bitter depths of despair I was in before I left. I feel like I can make it now! Who knew winter was so drab and cold!!! Anyhow, I have delish chocolate for you. Will that help? And, your picture and cheer to your computer was fabulous! I've missed the bus every single day this year. One day soon I hope to jump on and join you all.