Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tip-top shape

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HSMSHS prompt: TIP "The pointed or rounded end or extremity of something slender or tapering".

Having lots of fun this morning photographing the tips of things in my space. My favourite turns out to be the tip of this Cherry Quartz that we have. It sits on the computer desk beside the harddrive. At just shy of 17" tall, it's actually taller than the harddrive and gives you a nice point to refocus when you've been at the computer too long. Being where it is though, I rarely get the opportunity to really study the tip from above, as I'm usually looking up at it; so this was a fun change of views.

Lots more quartz tips around here to photograph, and even some amethyst. When I loaded it onto the computer though, I discovered that the camera is trying to tell me something: I really need to dust.

Thanks for that HSMSHS!

So I won't share any of those. But I would like to share some more.

The tips of the trees outside my window. Bleak wintry day...

My cactus. Makes me think of octopi. Especially the second shot.

Speaking of underwater creatures, how about the aloe. Tentacles anyone?

How about you? Any tips to share? ;)


  1. What a great set of tips,the Cherry Quartz is beautiful :)

  2. Awesome pictures!! Love the Cherry Quartz!

  3. Nice set of shots. Glad I'm not the only one who couldn't just pick one shot today!

  4. great pics love the cactus shots that must be quiet a sight the quartz,