Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's a brand new year, though it didn't really feel like it until today. Up until now it's just been one big holiday hoopla with lazy days and feasting and trying out new toys and games.

Today though, I sent Hubby back to work and the girls back to school. Today I fell back into habit and routine. Today I faced the laundry and the dishes.

Also today, Her Space My Space His Space came back from their holiday break. I guess it's really back to work now!

Today's prompt is perfect for the start of a new year: beginning. What kind of beginning can I share? I photographed my girls getting on the bus today for Project 365, but that's not so much of a beginning as a continuation. I photographed my new calender, but that just didn't feel monumental enough.

So I got brave and photographed this:

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Oh. Ouch.

The last time I saw that number I was about to squeeze an 8lb+ baby out of my body. All year I've been trying to deny it, but all year that number just kept rising, and with my mother's wedding looming this summer (along with the requisite trips to the dressmaker), something must be done about this number and all that it represents.

So today is my beginning. My beginning of healthier choices, of fitness and portion control, of watching that number go down instead of up. The next time I post a photo like this one, I expect that needle to have moved (to my left please).

What's your beginning? Anyone else beginning their year by staring at the scale (or mirror) and wondering what happened?


  1. You ARE brave! Perfect idea for the 365 project, I think I'll do the same thing. But I'm NOT posting it anywhere. :)

  2. i agree very BRAVe but go for it new year time to kick start, i looked at mine and jumped off ! but wil lbe joining you on the battle ,

  3. Excellent beginning! I love the picture, very brave! I'll probably jump on the band wagon with ya but I'm also determined to get my kiddos prints in something, anything once and for all! Wish me luck.

  4. Great minds think alike! I'm hoping to drop some 'poundage' since my picture would show the needle farther right than where you are... yikes! (Can't believe I just admitted that!)

  5. Joining on that battle, too, but I'm NOT brave enough to post my scale!

  6. Very brave shot. Good Luck with the diet. It'll all be worth it come the Wedding.

    Happy New Year.

    Gez. xx

  7. Great shot for the beginning prompt:)

  8. First Let me say, I just found this extra superfluous site. Bad Lurker! I obviously haven't been lurking enough lately. And Secondly, you are very very brave. I must share my reality moment from back in November in the 190+ range, edging toward the big 200!! (Yes just like Oprah), but I've been doing weight watchers. It's expensive, but they have a group at the hospital were I work, so it is handy and the guilt trip is necessary. Mostly I tell myself since I am now two years past thirty and diabetes is all over my family tree, I better get my gut and butt in gear. The family reunion in the summer is incentive as well.