Monday, December 8, 2008


That's how many photos I have from my two days of photographing homes decorated for our community's annual Christmas Home Tour. I am both proud of and intimidated by that number. That's a whole lot more editing than I'm really feeling up for you guys!

So when I opened up HSMSHS to see the prompt for today...well...I'll admit it, I groaned. And then I laughed.

That's right, today's word is Decoration. Go figure.

I happen to think that all of the snow in my last post is the best decoration of all, but I seem to have a few others lying around. So, instead of busting out the camera again, I opened those giant files from the weekend and found a photo that makes me smile.

Honestly? Before this tour I had no idea that so much thought could go into decorating a bathroom. No idea. But I saw several gorgeous ones that would make me happy to spend lots of time there. This particular accent piece was part of a whimsically decorated kids bathroom, and it sure makes me feel like a kid again!

What decorations make you smile?
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  1. Fantastic shot! They certainly made me smile. :)

  2. That is priceless ... 600 photos groan.