Sunday, December 28, 2008

Choosing Favourites

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Irene at Shutter Sisters has challenged us to choose a favourite photo of 2008 and this is definitely mine, for a ton of reasons.

First, I love my little boy and his Blue Teddy. I love how much HE loves his Blue Teddy. Blue Teddy used to be his constant companion, his voice, his courage, his best friend. Now that he's four though, Blue Teddy doesn't get out the way he used to. He's quieter and content to play with the other stuffies while his Boy is off exploring the world without him. Because I see Blue Teddy less, I know my Boy is growing more, and I'm so happy to have this photo that captures a bit of that to look back on in a few years when Blue Teddy is no longer a major part of our lives.

On this sunny fall day the Boy wasn't feeling so hot. He had a bit of a cold and it was no surprise that Blue Teddy would decide to come with us when we drove Hubby to work. On the way home I was struck so much by the way the sun was hitting this tree that I just had to stop and see if I could capture it. It was the last tree with any leaves on it in our village and all the more striking because of it. I dragged the Boy (and his Teddy) out and started playing. When I was done with the tree I couldn't help getting some of my Boy. I had just finished my first (I hope there will be more!) photography course and was confident for the first time picking my own settings, getting out of the presets and doing what I wanted to do. So there's a bit of pride in the technical aspects as well as the emotional aspects.

Finally, Fall is my absolute favourite season and I'm going to love just about any fall photo anyway. Just look at those colours! I love the blanket of leaves glittering in the background and the way all the colours just pop. This day was the first we had had a really heavy frost that prompted us to pull out the winter gear, so we have the anticipation of winter there as well.

What's your favourite photo of 2008? I can't wait to see!


  1. What a perfect moment to capture with so many layers of meaning. That's what a favorite photo should be. I played too!

  2. Fall is my favorite season too. You really did capture some great colors here and I love the way his eyes grin. Great shot!