Thursday, December 4, 2008


The HSMSHS prompt for Monday (Dec. 1st) was advent. We have those chocolate advent calenders, but we also have this sweet little tree that my mom gave to me my first year away at University. It only stands about a foot high, and the little drawers in the base hold the ornaments. You get to put on one ornament a day and your tree is decorated by Christmas. This was a huge hit for me in school and continues to be a favourite decoration amongst my 3 kidlets.

I realized when I did this prompt that I've never taken a photo of this sweet part of our Christmas. How sad it would be to forget it!

Where's advent in your space? Is there a cherished decoration you'll be putting up this year that you've never photographed?

*For anyone looking closely enough to see the dust, you now have a peek at country life. I dusted before I put this out on Monday, and the photo was taken this morning (Wednesday). Who can keep up?


  1. I love the Advent photo, holy smokes, I just LOVE it! It should be on a card!!!

  2. Thanks! I won't admit how many tries it took to get that. ;) That 1.8 has a bit of a learning curve; it took me a while to admit defeat and close down the aperture.