Monday, December 8, 2008

No need to adjust your monitor

No, these aren't black and white pictures. This is just our world yesterday afternoon!

The weather was crazy.

On Friday there were all sorts of doom and gloom forecasts for snow changing to rain, changing to freezing rain and back to snow. We were basically told to get out on Saturday because we wouldn't be able to on Sunday.

Then on Saturday all the weather people changed their minds and said "never mind, nothing much is going to happen". Believe it or not, that happens around here. A lot.
On Saturday night, as I was finishing up the home tour (So. Much. Fun.), big, beautiful, fluffy flakes began drifting from the sky. I was kind of annoyed at myself for using up all my memory in the houses when I was being gifted with this beautiful snow. I guess that photo shoot will have to wait for another day. It snowed all night and Sunday morning we woke up to a small but pretty amount of snow. The roads were still fine and the weather reports good (2-5 cm total they said), so off we all trooped to church. While we were there it just kept snowing and snowing. Any idea how hard it is to pay attention to a Sunday School lesson with all of that beauty out the window? I felt like a total space cadet all day.
The drive home was scary but gorgeous. I had to keep biting my lip to keep from yelling at Hubby to stop so I could get out and take photos. I wasn't sure stopping was an option, and hitting the brakes would have been a very, very bad idea. We were disappointed that there was less and less snow the closer we got to home. Fredericton definitely got more than us. What a gyp!**
By choir time it was truly a marshmallow world. All of the Christmas lights looked so gorgeous sparkling out from under their fluffy little blankets. Silly me, I left the camera at home!
(I plead illness. The laryingitis appeared to be aggravated by my earlier attempts to sing at choir practice. It feels like I've poured crushed glass down my throat.)
It just kept snowing for most of the night. I loved every second!
This morning the colour had returned and I tried to get a few photos without leaving the house (sick, pj's, bedhead) and semi succeeded:

(Photographic Where's Waldo?...can you spot the girls waiting for their bus?)

All morning, as I coughed and hacked, I just kept staring out the window. I was breathless anyway, but the scenery would have clinched it. Finally, by lunchtime, mindful of the fact that the wind has been blowing the covering off the trees, I made it out to capture more of my world:

This is why blue is a perfect Christmas colour.

Good golly I love Canada!

**Fredericton also had major power outages and we did not, so I guess I won't begrudge them those few extra inches.


  1. Great Pictures! I loved the "Where's Waldo" one because I didn't even notice the little ones till you pointed them out. Very cute!

  2. Thanks! I saw that you did yours in B&W and thought about converting mine, but then thought "how would you tell?". Love it! I thought about leaving out that one with the girls in it before I realized that I may be the only one able to see them :)