Saturday, December 13, 2008


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Weekends at HSMSHS are all about YOU! Saturdays are "Someone's Portrait Saturday" (it used to be Self-Portrait Saturday, but thankfully it's been broadened a bit). Sundays are "Show Off Sunday", when you pull out a photo you're proud of and show it off.

I call Sunday eye candy day. You definitely have to visit all of the participating blogs on Sundays, because the photos are always amazing.

Anyway, it's only Saturday, so I thought I'd share this fun self-portrait. The prompt is for a winter SP, and what's more wintery than Christmas? (people reading in the Southern Hemisphere, don't answer that!) I was trying to get a shot of the heart for my glitter prompt and the camera kept wanting to pick the big silver ball. Whoops! Time to change my settings! But before I did, I thought I'd see if the camera was trying to tell me something and went ahead and snapped the photo IT wanted to take. Low and behold, it was me! Funny! I didn't even notice until I uploaded. Cameras today! So smart!

(And then I showed it who's boss and got my glitter shot. The End.)

It's Saturday! Show yourself!

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