Thursday, December 4, 2008


We have here a not-so-great shot of my boy reading for our Wednesday HSMSHS prompt of tradition. Hubby and I are both readers, so books are always a treasured gift for any occasion. It was completely without thought that we started collecting Christmas books for the kids--we just love books! Once we realized we had a collection though, we had to decide how to enjoy it the most.

That seagrass basket is part of our living room year round and holds sturdy board books that I occasionally switch out with other books from the shelves. At Christmas time we change all of the books for our Christmas and winter ones (we have a lot of books about snow men for some reason!). The kids' faces just light up when the switch is made. In fact, I made the switch on Monday just before we put up our tree and I had a hard time getting any helpers--they were too busy reading. At least once a day you'll find them reading, often together, and it carries on into January when I switch the books back. Everything old is new again!

It makes my crazy bibliophile heart happy to see my babies enjoying this Christmas tradition, and I pray that reading throughout their lives is a tradition they carry in their own hearts.
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