Saturday, December 6, 2008


Yesterday's HSMSHS prompt was gift, and I am feeling quite gifted right now. First off, Hubby has "too much" vacation time saved up, so he's been taking off every Friday for the last few weeks. Having him home an extra day a week is wonderful. Even if we don't do anything special, it's special just knowing he's there.

It also frees me up considerably. I've been able to take the car and run errands, do our Christmas shopping, and, yesterday, help out at the school. Yesterday I took a bunch of gingerbread men into Sweetpea's Kindergarten class. I got to read them the story of "The Gingerbread Girl" and decorate the gingerbread PEOPLE with them. So much fun. Later, helping the teacher with some prep work, we got to talking. I started thinking how fun it would be to photograph her daughters and made a tenative inquiry about their schedule. Right away she invited me that evening to photograph her mother's home, which is all decked out for the "Christmas Tour of Homes". Not only did I get to see some incredible decorations, but I got to practice my low light photography skills and visit with a bunch of really fun women. I'm still editing like mad, but here are a few of my favourite shots from last night:

I am insanely in love with these snowmen, and their kin, found throughout the house. INSANELY! Here are a couple of their friends:

Insanely in love I tell you! I wish those cuties would come and live at my house!

Another thing I'm in love with is the children's room upstairs. Just look at this yummy tree, all decked out in beautiful CANDY! How awesome is that? Along with the candy, there's the train running around the tree, a plate and mug with treats for Santa, advent calanders, a lovely nativity scene, letters to Santa (Kindergarten teachers have access to such things), and some of the most beautiful children's Christmas books I've ever seen.

There has been no detail overlooked in the entire house. EVERY room has been decorated beautifully. I'll admit I thought that only a couple of rooms would be open to the public, but everything has been made gorgeous and seasonal. I had to keep reminding myself that it took a team of people a few weeks to get it to this point.

I am so thankful that I got to see it, that I was invited in before the official tour to get some beautiful photos.

AND...I've been invited along on the actual tour tonight. More homes, more decorations, and another chance at the photos I missed the first time. Better than that, more laughter, more friendship, more Christmas spirit and holiday fun.

My life is full of gifts.

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  1. Wow, sounds like you just described my house . . . okay, that's a lie! I LOVE IT! I WANNA GO TOO!!! How fun. That's my dream to deck my house out head to toe, just for even normal days let alone Christmas time. Come May 2010 I'm going for it . . . or at least that's what I like to pretend I'm gonna do.

    You're pictures are fabulous . . . as always!

  2. @ Just us!: I'm sure that's what your Cali house looks like--and what your Canada house would look like if you were actually going to be here for the holidays. I believe in you! It was so fun! Definitely have to do it again next year, so I'll get us all tickets!

    @Cory or Cari: It was!