Monday, December 29, 2008

Project 365

You've seen the challenges all over the place: A photo a day. A photo a week. A self-portrait a week. A self portrait a day (I cringe to think).
Maybe you think they're crazy.
Maybe you secretly want to join in.
Maybe you already do it.
Maybe you've tried and failed.
Maybe you're wondering what you'd DO with those photos when you're done. Do they sit on your hardrive forever? Do you post them to Flickr or some other site and let that be enough? Blog them all?

I don't have the answers.

But Becky Higgins has a new kit that I'm incredibly excited about. Aptly named Project 365, it's an album and all the "stuff" you'll need to scrapbook your own photo a day project. I've only purchased one other kit through CK because the shipping costs to Canada are MORE than the kit itself (and what is UP with that? Ticks me off), but I'm seriously tempted by THIS kit.

Check out a video of the contents HERE and then tell me what you think. Do you already do a photo a day challenge somewhere? What do you do with your photos? This kit is very simple and not a traditional scrapbook, so if you're a scrapbooker do you like it or would you rather do your own thing? If you're not a scrapbooker, does this appeal to you?

ETA: This doesn't go on sale until January 1st, but I'll be sure to add a link then.


  1. Seriously, seriously tempting! I might just have to jump on the band wagon! Thankfully I live close enough to the States I can send it to our post office box there and skip the whole expensive shipping issue! Now... will I just make the time to do it?... that's the real question. It looks like so much fun though! New goal?!?

  2. I've been eyeballing it and am seriously tempted as well. I do pretty much take a picture or two or three or ten most days lol. I don't print all of them. Load them to the computer then when I have a 100-200 burn to a disc. Don't clear from the camera till they're archived. I print my favorites to go in photo albums then print what I want for layouts. Problem with this album is do I need another project. I buy photo albums that have space for notes next to the picture if you want so minus the extras it seems superfluous. Hmm am I talking myself out of it??